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Code of Conduct

What we all strive to achieve.

Nine noble virtues

  • COURAGE - I will make good choices, with God's guidance, regardless of any fear I feel.
  • DISCIPLINE - I will do what is necessary and right, because I love my God.
  • FIDELITY - I will remain true to my God, my family, my friends and those I say I will serve.
  • HONOUR - I will have a good attitude and think of others before myself by doing more than expected. I will honour god in all I do.
  • HOSPITALITY - I will share the blessings God has given me willingly - including my enemies because God loves us all.
  • INDUSTRIOUSNESS - I will take joy in my work and will always give of my best for God's glory.
  • PERSEVERANCE - I will strive and never quit until the task set before me is achieved.
  • SELF-RELIANCE - I will make decisions and do what I need to do, and face the consequences good or bad without passing the blame.
  • TRUTH - I will seek the truth, I will speak the truth and I will defend the truth at all times.

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