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A Christian Homeschool community Committed to Excellence

Guiding Little Hands in God's Love

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Selecting the perfect Christian primary school is a pivotal decision for your child's future, and our school in Kitwe stands out as the ideal choice. Discover why parents choose us as the nurturing ground for their children's education:

Christ-Centered Excellence:

Immerse your child in a Christ-centered learning environment that forms the core of our educational philosophy. Our values-driven approach sets the stage for academic success and personal growth.

Cambrilearn's Global Standard:

Elevate your child's education with the internationally acclaimed Cambrilearn curriculum. Our commitment to academic excellence ensures that your child not only meets but exceeds global educational standards.

Holistic Development Beyond Books:

Beyond textbooks and exams, we prioritize the holistic development of each student. Fostering critical thinking and creativity, our programs equip students for both academic achievements and real-world challenges.

Guidance for Hearts and Minds:

Experience the dedicated guidance of our educators, passionately committed to shaping young hearts and minds. Our educators go beyond imparting knowledge; they instill values that resonate throughout a lifetime.

Safe and Nurturing Atmosphere:

Providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere is our priority. Our school is a close-knit community that recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of each child.

Prestigious Cambrilearn Certificate:

As a mark of our commitment to excellence, we proudly award the prestigious Cambrilearn Certificate of Completion. This certification is a global acknowledgment of the comprehensive education your child receives at our Christian primary school.

Embark on this transformative academic journey with us. Join our community in Kitwe, where the synergy of Christian values and Cambrilearn's global standards propels students towards a future brimming with promise. Schedule a visit to immerse yourself in the warm and dedicated atmosphere that defines our Christian Primary School.

Enroll your child today and witness the impact of a Christ-centered education augmented by the global standards of Cambrilearn.

Welcome to CC Centre

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Where Learning Begins, Dreams Soar, and Futures Shine!

"At Conquering Concepts Centre, we warmly welcome you and your child to our nurturing community. Our mission is to inspire young minds and nurture character. Join us on this journey to unlock your child's boundless potential, shaping a bright future together."


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Let's overcome those barriers and grasp those concepts!!!

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Reading is FUN!!!

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Making Science Fun


Our curriculum follows International British curriculum

Embark on a transformative academic journey in Kitwe with Conquering Concepts Centre, Cambrilearn Afiliate Home School Centre where the globally recognized British syllabus shapes our students' growth. Committed to excellence, our international British Primary and Secondary programs foster critical thinking and creativity in a holistic educational environment. Our students explore diverse subjects, preparing for exams and real-world challenges. Beyond academic prowess, our institution awards a Cambridge Certificate of Completion, showcasing a comprehensive and internationally respected education that equips students for future success.

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Student life

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Financial literacy

Smart Money Skills for Kids"

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School Plays

Creative Playtime Adventures

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Learning through outdoor explorations

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Inspiring Young Creativity

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Active Bodies, Healthy Minds

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Bonjour, comment ca va?

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Coding Javascript, Ready for Tomorrow!

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Old school, mental muscles

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Kitwe Christian primary school THE TEAM

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Ms Selly


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Ms Dorothy

Grades: 1-2

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Ms Philippa


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Mrs Forster


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Ms Rachel


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ABOUT US Kitwe Christian primary school

We want your children to succeed in all they want to achieve!!


We are life-long learners who delight in seeing your children light up with comprehension



Explore our website—your entry into our school family. By doing so, you embrace our principles. Welcome aboard!



What we all strive to achieve.

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"CC Centre has been a game-changer for my child's education. Their innovative approach has sparked a love for learning, and my child's confidence has soared."

John S. (Parent of a 2nd Grader):

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"Choosing CC Centre was the best decision we made for our child. The nurturing environment and dedicated teachers have laid a strong foundation for a bright academic future."

Sarah L. (Parent of a Kindergartener):

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"Our child's math skills have improved significantly thanks to CC Centre's unique teaching methods. The focus on problem-solving has made learning fun and engaging."

David W. (Parent of a 5th Grader):

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"I'm amazed at how much my child has grown academically and socially at CC Centre. The caring teachers and innovative curriculum have made a world of difference."

Emily M. (Parent of a 3rd Grader):

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"We've seen tremendous progress in our child's reading and writing skills since joining CC Centre. The emphasis on hands-on learning has ignited a passion for learning."

Lisa C. (Parent of a 1st Grader):

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